The Hot 97 of the South: 101Jamz in Charlottesville, Va

Do you find yourself becoming tired or bored during the day? You don’t need to worry about a thing. 101jamz! The kind of entertainment that can completely transform your day. Their on-air personalities are just fantastic, and you can count on them to inject some genuine fun into your day. WVAI 101.3 Jamz is the most popular Hip-Hop and R&B radio station in Charlottesville, making it the “voice” of the city. They produce their shows, such as the ones listed below:

• Sherell Rowe Appearing on the Jo Iyce in the Morning Show

• Smash City with DJ Almighty as your host

• Featuring Chey Parker, the Midday Connection airs daily.

• The Chris Thomas Show

• Block Party with Laila and Bri

However, none would be possible if it weren’t for the people working behind the scenes. The contributions of DJ Almighty (PD), DJ Joi Iyce (Mixshow Coordinator), and Kawani “Que the plug” Belk (Marketing Director/Producer) have aided the team in its ongoing efforts to improve and advance. The whole management team has, without a doubt, identified material of the highest possible quality.

The Jo Iyce Show with Sherrell Rowe airs on weekday mornings.

You can see DJ Jo Iyce spinning every week at the top DMV Nightclubs in addition to his mix-show that airs on WKYS 93.9 every Friday. He is also a co-host of Radio One DC’s “The Clean and Dirty Podcast” and “Hot in my city.” DJ Jo Iyce is a professional DJ who has collaborated with some of the most well-known names and companies in the music and entertainment industries, such as Future. He has also worked with several well-known artists. He has never stopped making amazing music and acquiring more experience throughout his intriguing career, and he never plans to stop doing either.

Sherell Rowe, the co-host of The Morning program, is a composer, vocalist, and dynamic arranger who has taken the steps toward ensuring her position in the music business. Rowe is also a part of the show as a co-host. Sherell was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and her father served in the Marine Corps. Sherell’s mother is Hawaiian. As a result of the nature of his work, she had the opportunity to travel quite a bit when she was a youngster, which exposed her to a wide variety of musical styles and cultural traditions. Sherell draws creativity from them and utilizes them as a catalyst for the development of her music.

You can hear her skill on the Sherell Rowe EP that she released on Dark Planet Record in 2010. Which has been referred to as “without a doubt, one of the most impressive undertakings of the 2010s.” A recipient of the DMV Award for “Best Alternative Artist” in 2011 and someone who has worked with a wide variety of musicians. To mention just a few, artists like Wale, Raheem Devaughn, and Fattrel come to mind. She and her long-time friend DJ Jo Iyce are presently working together and can be heard on the show “Jo Iyce in the Morning with Sherrell Rowe” every week from Monday through Friday, between 6:00 and 10:00 in the hours the morning. On Instagram, you should follow @joiyceworld as well as @sherellroweshow.

Party in the Block with Laila and Bri

After being finded from among hundreds of other hopefuls to be an on-air personality with the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Laila Lopez found her spot on the radio almost immediately after making the show’s cast. Laila maintained her career when the Steve Harvey Morning Show ended by switching over to 107.9 – The Dirty Boys radio station.

Since that time, Laila has worked for various prestigious media outlets, ranging from TMZ to Sirius XM, among others. Before discovering a family inside the ranks of the 101jamz crew. Now, she appears on “The Block Party with Laila and Bri!! ” as a co-host. As soon as they got together, there was instant chemistry between them, and there hadn’t been a single boring moment since then.

Bri Ariel, who co-hosts the show with Laila, was born and raised in the Windy City. She entered the sector at the tender age of 15 when she worked there. Bri was able to swiftly adapt and learn her way around the business, which enabled her to play a prominent position in the female group she was a member of.

She earned a degree in fashion merchandising and business marketing while attending college in her native state of Illinois, where she was birth and rise. Because of this, she relocated to Atlanta to pursue a job in corporate America. Once she was settled in Atlanta, she was offered a part in a YouTube short film, which rekindled her interest in working in the entertainment business and ultimately led to her relocation to Los Angeles.

Despite being on her alone on the west coast, Bri dared to take on Los Angeles and ended up getting a spot on the famous podcast “IZM Radio.” Bri was welcomed into the crew after receiving support from every devoted listener of the program. Even though IZM was her first experience with radio, she turned out to be the missing piece that the team had been searching for. Providing authentic and relatable energy, which grabs listeners that are tuned in.

Bri aimed for the stars and never ceased fanning the flames of excitement. Because of the IZM radio program, she was able to co-host not just a show that had been running for a long time but also reality episodes that focused on her and a touring business show that emphasized businesses owned by people of color. Bri has made one of the most desired locations to live her home via her dogged determination and magnetic personality, even though she began her journey all by herself in an unfamiliar location.

Follow Bri and Laila on Twitter (@mslailalopez) and Instagram (@bri.arier), and do not miss one episode of their program. “Block Party with Laila and Bri every Saturday from 3 to 7 o’clock.” As I was saying before, it seems like they never skip a beat; they have a good sense of the feelings in the room. Are you prepared for a party on the block?

Chey Parker hosts this segment of the Midday Connection.

However, 101Jamz does not end its coverage there. Chey Parker is the one that hosts 101Jamz throughout the middle of the day. During the weekdays, she takes over the airwaves immediately after Jo Iyce and Sherrell Rowe, and she does so from 10 am to 3 pm. Additionally, you may catch her on 93.3WKYS, where she can be heard live from Fridays through Sundays consistently.

In addition to his roles as a social media personality and an entrepreneur, Parker has spent the better part of a decade contributing to various media outlets in the capacities of a writer, editor, producer, and on-air performer. Chey, who hails from Hampton, attended Howard University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science in 2013. She was awarded a Magna c## and lauded for her achievements there. She has previous experience working for influential media sources such as C-SPAN, the British Broadcasting Company, Radio One, IHeartMedia, and PBS. Her work has also been broadcast on IHeartMedia. She was honored with a spot on Vice’s DMV Top 35 Under 25 list in 2019 to recognize her professional accomplishments and services to the industry.

But Chey is interested in more than simply the news media. She currently holds the position of lead communications specialist at Deloitte Services LP, one of the largest accounting and consulting firms globally. In this role, she is experience for supporting strategic communications for the company’s high-priority business marketing initiatives. Additionally, Chey is the proud owner of the premium lifestyle and apparel brand Sacred n’ Sophisticated Glamour, which is scheduled to debut in 2022. Follow her on Twitter at @iamcheyparker to get the latest information on the Launch and Chey.

Mixing it up on Smash City Radio is DJ Almighty.

DJ Almighty is another amazing person that is part of the 101Jamz family. Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, is where I was born, and I grew up in the Pink House Projects in east Brooklyn. Almighty moved to New Jersey for some time up to the late 1990s, he moved to Virginia in 1998, where he saw his ambitions come true.

“I come from a family that produces the noise in the streets,” with music influenced by his father, Joseph “DJ Peter Jeter” Middleton, and his uncle Gerard “The Disco” jammers roaming the streets of Brooklyn, New York. “I come from a family that makes the noise in the streets.” Almighty was first brought to the hip-hop business by the legendary DJ Watkins, who was responsible for breaking artists such as Prince Markie D of Fat Boy, Whodini, Salt n’ Pepa Jaz-o, and Fresh Gordon. Even though he wasn’t given proper credit for it, he was the one who found Salt N’ Pepa’s song “Spinderella.”

After relocating to Virginia and securing a slot on WNRN’s The Boom Box 91.9 FM in Charlottesville, Virginia, Almighty was able to make it on his own in the music industry. He now makes his home at this location, which is also the location of the radio station he owns and controls, 101.3 Jamz. In addition to that, he was instrumental in establishing the soul of Charlottesville urban event with local friends. You can also follow him on social site at @djalmighty on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.


But what about the days off throughout the week? What you are expressing is clear to me. Don’t be concerned; as DJ Radio Mix Show, we’ve got you covered. Every Saturday from nine in the breakfast to five in the afternoon, DJ Ms. Carter, Coalition DJs, and Jonny Kaine (@jonny.kaine) deliver the heat by playing uninterrupted bops. The new music keeps everyone on their feet and the celebration going strong all weekend long.

The show hosted by Chris Thomas

In addition to this, Chris Thomas will soon get his program that will premiere in July of 2022. I can’t wait till Saturday morning to start my weekend, which may be the most peculiar thing I’ve ever said.

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