Gain Permission, Inspiration, and the Roadmap to Success With the C2BC Movement

In life, most people want to live and see their wildest dreams come true. However, it forever remains nothing more than a dream for a significant number who lack the boldness to face and conquer their fears. Such people are drenched in the fear of failure, which blocks their vision on the journey to success. 

But fortunately, two passionate individuals, Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard, have dedicated themselves to helping others live their dreams. Together they established the Cool 2Be Conscious (C2BC) movement to support anyone showing the agility to level up and better their life. With its roots in Australia, the Cool 2Be Conscious movement gives people permission, inspiration, and the roadmap to become the fullest versions of themselves. Ru and Ry believe that’s where true freedom and peace are found. In fact, it makes everything else much easier, with communities becoming accessible and everything else becoming a possibility.

Established in February 2020, C2BC is growing incredibly, even spreading to other countries. They have also scaled to have over 60 well-trained, certified facilitators representing the brand in different nations. Similarly, C2BC has reached and impacted millions of lives, creating a ripple effect across Australia and New Zealand.

Ru and Ryan highlight that resources and informative education are what they bring their members. They also leverage modern science to show and build trust in the intellectual mind. All their practices are focused on sharing the power of gentle breathwork and meditation, where they begin to rewire the subconscious mind with positivity and empowerment. C2BC will assist people in easing anxiety, depression, and fear by creating a space for them to feel supported and connected to other like-minded individuals.

Recently, they’re focusing on releasing conscious products to assist in conscious living. The products range from a journal that inspires and creates the structure for meaningful and productive days, weeks, and years to glass water bottles, essential oils, sleep sprays, and tongue scrapers. They have also established The C2BC Podcast, an informative and educational podcast designed to inspire and create positive change in people’s lives. You can also visit their website for free pre-recorded meditations, state-shifting breathwork, and habit resources. In addition, their social media handles are a hive of activity with regular posts, including Instagram live sessions.

In the future, C2BC aims to connect with world leaders in the space and share the movement in every corner of the world. C2BC is not limiting itself to just breathwork, meditation, and community; the brand is expanding into all forms of wellness, including running clubs, fitness training, yoga, and other areas. The facilitators will operate with the C2BC brand to help build their community, and the sessions will start with connection and finish with a simple C2BC daily breathwork practice. This will keep the movement available to the masses and doesn’t corner it into a small niche of breathwork or meditation. They see the brand as a gateway to an inner understanding that leads to a more fulfilling, fun, and productive life.

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