Mikey Tanha is bringing a revolution to the world of restaurants and hospitality, here’s how:

Introducing the CEO and Co-Founder of a lifestyle hospitality company named Noble 33, Michael Tanha, also known as Mikey, is overseeing a collection of leading restaurant venues, all of which prioritize the environment above all else. Most of the time people visit restaurants with the intention to chill out in an environment which is different from home but with a similar vibe and out of the box. And here’s Nobel 33, looking after the needs and requirements of the people. Noble 33 is a hospitality and lifestyle company with an ever-evolving line-up of unique, social dining restaurants stateside and abroad, Noble 33, is expanding at a very rapid rate and is presently leading the management and continued expansion of iconic brands Toca Madera and Casa Madera. 

Earlier in his career before Noble 33, Mikey served as the President of The Madera Group and Tocaya Organica, where he initiated and created a charitable organization, Tocaya Life Foundation, which prioritises environmental and social causes in the communities their restaurants serve. Some of the causes Tocaya Life supports include but are not limited to alternative farming, sustainability, and ocean preservation. 

Mikey mentions that his partner Tosh and has built a restaurant company (The Madera Group) with 22 restaurants in only 5 years. That company did nearly $100m in revenue on an annual basis. That includes,

• 18 Tocayas

• 2 Toca Maderas

• 1 Madera at the Treehouse

• 1 Café Fig at Hotel Figueroa

They opened what is now considered the best restaurant in all of Arizona (Toca Madera in Scottsdale) under 2 years ago. Mikey has even successfully overseen the merger of Tocaya (18 units) with Tender Greens to form a powerhouse fresh-casual company called One Table Restaurant Brands with 45 units. Additionally, he was the President of two companies (The Madera Group and Tocaya) and oversaw over 1,200 employees by the age of 40.

Sharing what maintained and helped him be where he is today and what he has established today, Mikey mentions that, it’s all about building the right team and having the right partner. Mikey believes that Tosh Berman is the perfect business partner with not just perfect qualities but the appropriate ones. He added, “While we have a lot of the same strengths, we complement each other very well.  He is more of an expert on the creative side of the business (i.e., design and menu creation) while I excel more on the business side (deal structuring, business planning, management).  Together we make an unstoppable duo.”  

In case you wish to know about Mikey Tanha and his company, connect with him below: 

Instagram: @mikeythegoat

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeltanha

Website: http://www.Noble33.com

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