As Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Kartik Anand provides strategic leadership and management direction to the XDBS Corporation. Kartik has over 20 years of sales and senior leadership experience in the IT and ITES industry and established XDBS in 2011. His strong market development expertise, people development skills and a relentless focus on customer and delivery excellence have been responsible for the phenomenal growth rate for XDBS. Today XDBS is a global organization with delivery offices in India, the Philippines, the USA, and Costa Rica.

Along with that Kartik Anand, is also a Founder and Executive Chairman of King Group Ventures LLC. After instituting a successful lead generation business globally, he was able to further successfully diversify his group’s operations to different industries. Now it has a host of business verticals under Kings Group Ventures (KGV). And its publishing and media companies provide content curation and marketing services to IT giants across the globe. KGV’s service vertical also has a premium laundry & dry clean business backed by high-tech processes. 

Trying something new, he even ventured into the automobile industry, dealing in pre-owned premium cars. He mentions “Foraying into the food industry was something I always wanted to do. I turned my food passion into crafting unique artisanal pizzas that are widely savoured today Internationally. With this in tow and our thriving dairy business, we aim to create a niche in the food and beverage industry. “

The biggest challenge that he has faced is to put the pieces of a puzzle together to achieve the next desired vision while driving a profitable business. He adds that it’s essential to take over the reins, trust their grit and hang in there for a moment and give time to it. 

He believes that increased media coverage ensures a global presence and helps one to remain on top of mind with key media and industry contacts. It’s a great way to put a reliable source of news and information about the company and reinforce brand messaging, about the group and its leadership. As technology is everywhere and is a vital part of today’s generation it is favourable to establish a positive perception about the group’s leadership with these press initiatives.

There is a lot more to know about Kartik Anand and his several ventures. If you wish to take a closer look, check out the links mentioned below:






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