Introducing Bonnie Locket, an incredibly young and beautiful model. She is a 33-year-old OnlyFans model who is at the top of her trade at 0.01% of the creators on OnlyFans worldwide. She is an ambitious woman who resides in Surrey whereas she is originally from Lincolnshire. 

Talking about her social life, she is growing popular day by day. She is active on her social media pages. People might know her from TikTok, or from her YouTube gig, Sidemen Sunday. She is a very social and bubbly girl where she enjoys partying and living her life with a positive approach. She is also passionate about creating content. 

Bonnie is quite open about her personal life. She shares that she loves and trusts her pets more than anything. She has two dogs and she considers them to be their life. Before her career in OnlyFans, she was a professional dancer. At the mere age of 19, she trained at Laine Theatre Arts, which is considered one of the most prestigious musical theatre colleges in the world. 

Her biggest achievement till date includes:

– Being a part of the cast in the original cast of the UK tour “High School musical”

– Modelling for an Ann Summers campaign 

– Being in every window and inside the store in the UK

Being a social media model, she experienced an onslaught of trolls early in her career. It affected her mental peace for a brief period but she learned how to handle it with grace. She believes that though there is hatred in every sphere and aspect of life that people receive but the love, positivity and support from family members, friends and fans will always overweigh such negativity and hatred. She is grateful for what she has got in her life and for what she has which shows her humble nature. She is also thankful for the support of her friends and family that they have provided throughout the journey of her life.

Bonnie Locket has plans to widen her social media reach by presenting more outstanding content to her fans. She has definitely learned the trick of standing out in the extremely difficult and complicated industry and has even invested in the Surrey property management industry.

Bonnie Locket is on her way to becoming the next big internet sensation. She has already bewitched many with her charms and talents and if you’d like to be next on that ever-expanding list of ardent followers, check her out on her:





YouTube (Sidemen Sunday)-

Reddit (18+)-



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