Read about how Shawn Meaike’s Multi Million organization Family First Life is helping its agents and clients:

Family First Life is an organization that helps to change lives. The president and the founder of Family First Life are Shawn Meaike. This company protects their client’s loved ones from any trouble- not only the clients but also the families of their agents come first for Family Life First. They help their agents to make a living to help their families in all ways.

Family First Life follows three rules in their business: 

1. They believe in loyalty and honesty. 

2. They believe in empowering not enabling.

3. They believe hard work can change lives for the better.

“Family First Life at its core is about people and changing their lives for the better.

Our best agents are humble and hungry.  They thrive on independence but foster a love of learning about their trade.  We provide the training so that all our agents can succeed and make an exceptional living. These training are always offered for free, by people who have worked in the field, and we are transparent in our methods. If our people succeed it is because they put in the hard work it takes to become outstanding at their job.  We provide the tools our independent agents put in hard work and dedication”, says the owner of Family First Life. 

He says they have regional offices but they are one family. They work collaboratively and independently.  All the regional offices are very supportive of their agents. Shawn says that they come together regionally, but before that, they come together as an organization once a year to train and celebrate their achievements. Family First Life represents over 17,000 licensed agents in almost all 50 states marketing mortgage protection, final expense, life insurance, and annuities. 

Shawn Meaike says one will have great opportunities if they join them, they never fail to surprise and satisfy their clients. Family First Life generated over $10 million in paid premium during the first year in business and in 2021, the company is projected to reach over 600 million dollars in issued paid premium. Shawn Meaike definitely has an influence on the insurance industry. It took a lot of patience and hard work to reach the peak of this industry. Shawn Meaike will gain more names for himself and his company in the upcoming days. 

Follow Shawn Meaike to know more about his journey and new plans for his company, Family First Life (links are mentioned below):

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