Michael Drager- The Best Talent Manager in Chicago:

A good talent manager is essential to guide aspiring models in their careers. They are responsible for a lot of things such as devising strategies to create a buzz, building a fan base and increasing popularity. Michael Drager is one of the few Model Talent Managers who are exceptionally good at their job. The famous Instagram Influencer has assisted many models to date in securing a firm foothold in the modelling Industry. Some of them even earn in 6 figures now.

Michael Drager, commonly known by his nickname Draco, is an entrepreneur, talent manager and social media influencer from Chicago. He is known for finding Draco Enterprises. He is respected for his gifted sense of identifying models who have a potential for success. He is also good at recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of models in order to drive them towards success. 

He does not promise success but believes he can demonstrate the way to succeed as a model. It is because their success mainly depends on them. This helps to empower the models and enhances their self-confidence. Michael and his company Draco Enterprises is just here to work as a guidance and support tool that the models need to use to move forward in their modelling career. 

The models can have complete faith in the firm as they offer the best team members, concept and location for a shoot. Michael makes sure to prioritize the content quality in order to satisfy the audience. In reality, he has been a part of the world of adult entertainment long before Draco Enterprises came into being. His grandfather had a Chicago based upscale Gentlemen’s club, which was running very successfully before his death. Thus, this knowledge enabled him to develop a good eye for trends in the business. That is why he can always assure that the Draco Enterprises models remain relevant for many years.

His next objective is to bring Draco Enterprises to the mainstream media sector. Michael understands that entering that area will pave way for numerous possibilities for his models such as an opportunity to be in movies and TV shows. Michael is only in the process of planning this now but he is sure to achieve this in no time as his company is growing very fast in a limited time.

Follow him on Instagram to know all about this entrepreneur’s personal life:

Instagram- https://z-p42.www.instagram.com/dracoxxvii/

You can also check out Michael Drager on his website to get the latest updates:

Website- https://dracogirls.com/

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