Simee Leads With Rhett Lindsey, A Tech Enthusiast

“When you are connected to your purpose, comfort is no longer important” – Richard Lawson. This is one of the favourite quotes of Rhett Lindsey, the founder as well as the CEO of Siimee. This sentence certainly speaks a lot about the individual who follows it, and also provides loads on how they use the quote to make possible changes in their lives. According to him, when one finds the true talent or skill set that they excel in, they will go up to any extent into acquiring the perfect goal. To have something in mind is great, and to plan something to achieve your goal is even better, but Rhett Lindsey realised his true purpose and hence there was no stopping him from becoming established. Coming up with Siimee has been one of the best things that ever happened with him.

We all have a clear idea about how a hiring process is, along with the various stages that are followed out throughout a recruitment process. This is what Siimee looks after, with the basic aim to increase awareness on the various problems and situations that Cling themselves on to biassed employers. 

When Rhett Lindsey freshly graduated from the University of Kentucky, he held a bachelors degree in social work, and wanted to come up with something that is not just profitable but extremely advantages to other individuals. Since he himself has gone through a lot in life, he knew he had to create an awareness about the various cracks in the US corporate recruitment system. Coming up with Siimee has been one of the best things for Rhett Lindsey, because he always wanted to bring forward the developing training programmes, and creating a non-biased hiring tool.

Rhett Lindsey has worked along with Facebook for 11 months, and when he left in November last year, he made sure to expose them well and fair in an interview that was published in the Washington Post. Here, he highlighted the several metrics which the company has taken up, along with the flaws that usually really to rejecting candidates who are culturally not fit to be employees. It is really sad to come up on such situations, but it is also not an unknown fact. we are all very aware of the recruiting system that discriminates among people, yet not everyone takes a step forward into eliminating that. With his constant efforts, Rhett Lindsey will certainly be able to do so very.

Make sure to follow Rhett Lindsey on the links provided below, so that you can remain updated with the various projects that he comes up with and also avoid the hardships of our employment system:

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