Meet Rob Sargsyan, The Famous Makeup Artist From Los Angeles, Who Has Become One Of The Best Makeup Artists In The World Of Makeup…..

Famous talented makeup artist Rob Sargsyan is known for making people beautiful. He is the artist behind many of the trends we see every day on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Rob Sargsyan has had his fair share of creating impressive makeup trends. Rob Sargsyan is one of the most sought after makeup artists in the field of beauty due to his proficiency, skill and style. Rob Sargsyan showcases his creative skills in editorial and runway work, press junkets, red carpet events, commercials and master classes. Rob Sargsyan’s successful approach to makeup focuses on complementing each client’s natural beauty, giving people an alluring and natural beauty with his advanced technology. He decided to start his own makeup line called FacesByRob because people love his work.

Rob Sargsyan started his career journey when he was just seven years old. He was a talented artist since childhood, at that time he used to paint mostly on canvas. He decided to trade his paintbrushes for makeup brushes and canvas for faces to hone his talent. Rob Sargsyan’s family immediately recognized his talent and keeping his skills in mind, converted the guest room of the house into Rob Sargsyan’s makeup studio. His encouragement and unwavering faith inspired Rob Sargsyan to practice the proper application of products and the delicate dance of the brush. He achieved success with his passion and dedication towards his goal and today he is known as one of the biggest makeup artists in the world.

Rob Sargsyan’s RobGlow look has become so popular he created a palette called the RobGlow look. This palette has all the essentials that will help makeup enthusiasts develop the RobGlow look at home. The rob-glow look has five types of products, including bronzer, highlighter, blush, lip liner and gloss. Rob Sargsyan guarantees that these products will provide a natural beauty and attractive finish to the person using it. Rob Sargsyan’s trendy style and eye-catching results keep customers flocking to him to meet him. Rob Sargsyan takes pride in working with stars like Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham and Rachel Roy with their modern skills and talents. Rob Sargsyan also got the opportunity to work on America’s Got Talent. Rob Sargsyan provides an international master class by providing an opportunity for people to share their advanced technology and expertise. He continues to serve the beauty world by working in high-end runway shows, red carpet events and commercial campaigns.

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