Top crypto specialist and entrepreneur Kevin Ko explains why businesses should consider cryptocurrency.

Kevin Ko has shown his excellence across different business industries and therefore has earned great respect as a serial entrepreneur.

A few years ago, cryptocurrency and the word bitcoin started making their mark as it made a grand entry into the digital financial markets. People and businesses went in awe of how it worked, but at the same time had their doubts and fear about the same. However, over the years, the digital assets industry has only seen astronomical success and have proved to have been given tremendous convenience and profits to them. This has turned the heads of many in the world and now people and businesses in increasing numbers want to be a part of this magical world. Kevin Ko is also one of them who saw its constant boom and jumped into it. Today, apart from being a serial entrepreneur, he has become a crypto specialist as well and is giving some major success goals to many others in the industry with his platform ‘Crypto Kingz’.

As a specialist in cryptocurrency today, Kevin Ko has come forward to share his views on why businesses should consider cryptocurrency.

  • Quick process: People and businesses are fed up already with not getting their money quickly deposited in their accounts. With cryptocurrency, all of this disappears as they do not have to wait for anything. Cryptocurrency is a quick process as it has no centralized institution to check every bitcoin transaction, and its underlying technology blockchain takes care of it.
  • No fees attached: Businesses have merchant transaction fees that are a drain on their cash flow, but cryptocurrency makes even this simple as their transactions cost between 1% and zero. Businesses can send and accept bitcoin as payments with no fees attached.
  • Borderless: This comes as a great relief for businesses dealing with foreign transactions. Bitcoin is a global currency and it ignores any border restrictions.

Kevin Ko has had businesses that he built, grew and then sold. He even is doing extremely well in the commercial real estate industry as a full-time broker and now, with his platform Crypto Kingz, he wants to educate as many people as possible about the immense opportunities with crypto and how they can manage the risks. Do find out more about him through Instagram @kevinyko and visit the website,

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