Creative genius Karyna Romanova has utilized this pandemic to flaunt her DJing skills:

Karyna Romanova is a famous DJ, model, and actor in rising. Being a woman of many talents, Karyna has done several works like DJing in the styles of techno house, afro house and melodic, cooperation with one of the largest modelling agencies in the USA MMG, as well as working with the acting agency MTM Agency in Miami.

A few years ago, Karyna came to the United States to develop her DJing and acting skills from the scratch. In this pandemic, she found a lot of time for herself and found her passion for music as she started exploring it. She began to learn about DJing and music production. Through her determination, she has successfully made the valuable connection, learned from professionals in the industry which has helped her create her unique style. As Romanova began to communicate with prominent people in the industry, she got inspired to create her own track. She also devoted her time to improve her DJing skills by practising more. As opportunities came by, she started her career as a DJ. Romanova has also successfully built a substantial online following on her social media where she shares her journey to her followers about her passion for music.

When Karyna was asked what advice she would give to a beginner in this industry, she replied that people should figure out what inspires them, work with a reliable agency and be consistent in their work to achieve their dream. She also advises to not to give up when they face challenges in their career. According to her, the biggest challenge for an artist is a lack of inspiration. But she believes they can overcome it if they continue to strive hard for their goal even though they don’t feel like it.

Karyna is a creative person who draws inspiration from events and interesting acquaintance. Her positivity and love for creativity and unique self-expression has created her identity. She generally tries to find inspiration from every event in her life and is always trying to motivate and inspire people with her positive way of living her life. She believes creativity is a key aspect to reach greater heights as an actor. She wants to be a motivation to those aspiring artist and music enthusiasts who want to be a DJ. Currently, Karyna is looking forward to releasing her first project whose date will be revealed soon.

To know more about Karyna Romanova, you can simply check out her social media handle (link given below)

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