Photographer turned app developer, Akil Henley is nothing short of a genius:

Photography Credit – Jeffrey Cabrera

Photographers have set up high bars in social media through their exclusive content and exceptional edits. They have explored every avenue and developed a significant change in the art of photography. With the changing generations, the art of photography has been redefining itself bringing up different aspects and various forms in the art of clicking photographs. Aerial photography as the name says was discovered recently and is the most developed form of photography that uses drones and other aerial objects to depict the aerial view in photographs. With the changing generations, people have deliberately started adapting to the change in technologies, thus aerial photography is also taken into consideration by the people of the world nowadays.

Freshly, we came across one very talented and extraordinary aerial photographer, Akil Henley who has uplifted the art of clicking photographs and has brought several new approaches to this craft. He has left the people completely awestruck through his unprecedented photographs which have always been up to the mark and have been viral all over the internet. Akil has brought up diversified variations in the art of aerial photography and has changed the viewpoint of every photograph. The cranny of aerial photography has developed as the newest criterion in various movies, commercials and music.

Apart from being a phenomenal aerial photographer, Akil Henley has been a brilliant influencer quite popular by the name of Traveldronelife on the internet. He has been well versed with social media algorithms and utilizes his knowledge wisely. He has been motivating and inspiring millions and thousands of people from all over the world to risk a chance and pursue their dreams. Akil has been an entirely hard-working and diligent human being since his beginning, he has defeated all the odds and is living his dreams. The young artist has been performing extremely well and has worked for several popular and renowned high-profile companies and individuals for shoots such as the Elizabeth Sutton Collection, and Diner en Blanc 2019 NYC. His artworks have been acknowledged and admired by the whole world, he achieved the moment of his life when the NYC Instagram page acknowledged his photographs and reposted his photographs on their stories in 2019. Over the time of 6years, he has been to 46 countries and has almost been to every state of the United States and every continent of the world besides the Antarctic. Besides being extraordinary aerial photography and a brilliant social media influencer, Akil Henley has set a benchmark in the entrepreneurial world launching an app of his own called nFluencer which has the motto of creating better content edits, photos, and better stories building up a strong and friendly community uniting all the famous and well-established content creators and influencers of the world and bringing them together. Currently, the app has the highest photography app rating with a total of 100k users.

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