Bryce Monkivitch: Taking over the world of e-commerce as a true blue professional.

He is also an app creator that hires staff from all around the world to help with marketing and business building.

Isn’t it always amazing to learn about all those people who exude a different level of drive and hunger to reach excellence in life and in their career? Well, different business industries and fields are filled with many such talented beings, but some individuals totally astound the world with the level of success they achieve, showing their prowess and expertise in their chosen industries. One such high-performing and talented entrepreneur we came across is Bryce Monkivitch, a young Australian talent who is making significant waves in the e-commerce world with his multiple online brands that radiate his pure brilliance and passion.

Ask him what drove him towards the online space for spearheading multiple successful businesses and the young entrepreneurial talent says, “To prove myself what I was worth it and to create a difference in people’s lives by building brands that can provide value and impact lives.” Bryce Monkivitch has gradually moved to the top as an Australian internet entrepreneur, a marketing genius and a world traveller. Around 2017-18, he had started an online business of selling dog hats on Facebook and Instagram. After a point when the business went dull, he ventured into selling trendy fashion to women, creating an online store on the platform Shopify using $5,000, which he saved from doing freelance concrete work. Today, Bryce Monkivitch is a proud owner of four female fashion brands, with the major brand being ‘Sincere Sally’ (, growing to make USD $1 million annually.

Sincere Sally caters to customers across Australia and the US and offers products in sportswear, swimwear and accessories. Apart from these highly recognized online female fashion brands, Bryce Monkivitch also built an app for the hiring of staff worldwide to help with marketing and business building. It is a one of a kind system that aims to help micro workers with opportunities to make money and also learn new skills using the online learning modules. He hires staff from countries like the Philippines and has over 5000 staff members, 560 of which are currently active workers for his brands.

His genuine intention to help thousands of Filipinos get stable work opportunities, teach them more skills to upskill their work online and earn more money has propelled him forward in the business world.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @sir.bryce and his brand @sinceresallyboutique.

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