Scott Popescu: The world’s latest social media marketing mogul

The new trend in the marketing world, which has been for a couple of years now, is social media. Many top brands use this as a platform that caters to different business opportunities. The deliverance of marketing strategies is very important to attain success in the sphere of social media marketing.  A Digital Agency is one such role which makes sure that makes sure that brands attain their targeted goal. The allocation of viral content on social media platforms is very essential to the success of the strategy devised by a brand. Various brands look for successful digital agencies to carry out their marketing strategies, to get the most amount of customer reach towards it. Lately, this market has been snatched by Brookhaven Media, a marketing agency getting international acclaim for its unique solutions and ever-adapting techniques.

Brookhaven Media has been found by Scott Popescu, a 27-year-old entrepreneur, and a social media influencer.  Born and brought up in the United States, Scott is a child of the ’90s, the prime time when social media started to grow in popularity. With an inquisitive mind, Scott explored the nooks and crannies of social media. With experience, he understood the reach of social media and the business opportunity it presents, and soon enough armed with the knowledge he started his digital agency.

During the starting phase, his business suffered a lot of risk and struggles. Faced with criticism and failures, Scott Popescu worked until his last breath to overcome his obstacles. The experience of managing the business led Scott to the notion that he can make his agency more dynamic by making a different vision than his peers. By being an influencer who has his own fan following on the internet, he would lead the agency which will grab even more growth and reach for the clients. 

Under Scott’s guidance, Brookhaven media has had the pristine chance of working with A-list brands, conducting immensely successful marketing campaigns, and creating social media influencers. Boasting millions of followers on social media, Scott had the opportunity to showcase to his clients what he could do with the right amount of marketing strategies. He worked hard to ensure that Brookhaven Media could reach millions of followers within a limited period. In a brief period, Brookhaven gained recognition and deals from various brands all over the world.

Believing that there are no shortcuts to success, Scott learned it the hard way, through trial and error. He talks about how obstacles are an inevitable part of the journey towards one’s goal and one person should always be prepared for them. 

Scott wishes to take Brookhaven Media to new heights and depth of success. He knows the power of staying dynamic in the ever-changing world of social media marketing and hopes that he can keep on doing what he does best.

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