“No big degrees needed, only passion”- 16-year-old Ali Saghi proves this saying with Luxury Equities:

The COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed many industries, but one which has greatly benefited and been brought to light because of it is the stock market. Today, one of the biggest names in the stock market industry is Luxury Equities. But what’s so surprising is that the empire it is today was all started by a teen! Indeed, Ali Saghi, who is a 16-year-old sophomore in high school, was even younger when he decided to embark on his journey to success. At the very young age of 13, when most others of his age would still be stuck in childish ways, Ali already had his goals set on financial stability and independence. 

Ali started out as a stock market trend analyst and trader. However, the knowledge and know-how required to leave a mark on such a fast-paced industry did not come to Ali Saghi overnight. The young teen spent many days and nights collecting information from all the courses he could join and the videos he could watch. Simultaneously, he would also try out his luck in less costly stocks and would be met by both successes and failures. Over time he learnt the tricks of the trade and has become one of the best at the game today. 

Ali Saghi is also quite a trending personality on multiple social media platforms and is considered an influencer whose main audience lies in the younger generations who also want to gain financial freedom. When Ali wanted to move on to bigger and more meaningful things, his first venture as the CEO of Luxury Equities was on TikTok. Here, he has two handles, one for his personal use @ali.saghi and another for his company @luxuryequities. The channel garnered immediate attention and had more than 350 thousand followers within the span of a couple months. But this wouldn’t be a stable platform to carry on the legacy Ali and his business partner Gavin Mayo, wanted to build. 

The duo decided to shift their userbase to Discord and the server, which you can find at https://discord.gg/stock, reached more than 50 thousand subscribers within one month of operation. What sets them apart from the rest is their young age and methodology. Luxury Equities is one of the first choices for a person wanting to learn about the ins and outs of the trading industry because it provides reliable data in a relatable format. 

Presently, Ali Saghi’s main goal is to become an expert in his field by creating a website and app for Luxury Equities, along with maintaining a strong online presence by getting verified on Instagram, since he is already verified on Discord and TikTok. For all those who want to follow in his footsteps, Ali has only one tip and that is to never stop learning. He is a strong believer in the power of education and wants to get a degree in Corporate Law and a Masters in Business Administration.

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