Looking forward to his new project, “Indie Fire Series”, Northside2x says it will be ‘fire’ with upcoming Artists & Producers.

Northside2x’s grit, passion and commitment to hip hop music have brought him to the forefront of the industry.

The closer we look around us, the more we find different success stories of resilient and passionate individuals from different industries and fields across the world. Going deeper into them will let us know how each story has a lesson to teach. The journeys, struggles, obstacles and even the gutsy decisions some people take along their journey helps them create a unique niche for themselves, be it in any field. We came across one such courageous and passionate young man in the American music industry named Ralph Leon Mabone, aka Northside2x, who not only jumped into the industry as a teenager to become an artist but also went ahead in creating his own brand called ‘Indie Fire Global’, a one of a kind news and media website, dedicated to artists and producers, who need support and promotions for their work they want to share with the world and all the music lovers out there.

What better than coming up with a new project that can pump up the budding artists and producer’s energy and confidence, thought Northside2x and this resulted in him deciding to come up with ‘Indie Fire Series’. This new project is like a ray of good hope for newcomer artists and producers who can get featured on the same, which will help them further push their talents and work in the industry, which is what Northside2x is working relentlessly for.

As an American record producer, songwriter, and A&R representative, Northside2x has been working his best to promote these artists and producers on what is today touted as the hottest new Indie platform ‘Indie Fire Global’. These talents can optimize the platform’s full-service media and PR services that can get them the success they desire.

Northside2x has definitely brought his hometown Memphis, Tennessee, on a much prominent level in terms of music, thanks to his unending efforts as an artist and producer and now also as an entrepreneur. To find out more, follow him on Instagram @iamnorthside2x or his brand @indiefireglobal.

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