Emerging as one of the top stock market talents in America is Gavin Mayo.

As a teenager, he has become a successful stock market expert, CEO, educator and also content creator.

A lot has already been said about different industries, their growth, whether they are sustaining or not, etc., owing to the ongoing pandemic. However, with this, we believe it is essential to also learn about different professionals from these industries, who, instead of giving up in the trying times, choose to do the different and come up with ventures that provide them with growth while also benefiting others. Gavin Mayo stands as one of the best examples of such professionals in the trading world today, who wanted to create a flourishing career for himself in trading, and so he did, with also working towards creating a difference in people’s lives by spreading his knowledge and teaching financial literacy to them.

He has initiated his business Luxury Equities while he is still in his teens, which shows how driven Gavin Mayo is towards his dreams. His business works towards simplifying investing and sharing the best ideas in stocks with investors. After creating a video on TikTok on teaching people about trading, he saw the growth in his followers, which further encouraged him to take up teaching and become an educator in the niche on Discord. He is a young lad from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who today, runs one of the biggest stocks Discords in the world, including stocks, crypto and the best education and this has earned him around 50K members already within just one month of starting the business, earning six figures. He also keeps creating content on YouTube relating to the topic, which has further gained him great momentum.

Teaching people about stocks, making them more learned about it and simplifying the process of investing and so much more is taken care of by his business, under his and his partner Ali Saghi’s leadership. Gavin Mayo now aims to make Luxury Equities a well-known name in the stocks niche and wants to take their services off Discord and create an app and a possible website that investors can use to find stocks. He also wants to start a hedge fund and wish to travel the world, teaching more people about financial literacy.

Find out more about him through Instagram @gavin_mayo.

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