Stündenglass’s stupendous ‘hourglass’ designed glass gravity hookah elevates people’s smoking experiences.

The industry ever since has been talking about how Stündenglass has changed the game of the hookah industry for the better.

Absolutely nothing feels more happening and buzz-worthy than the constant advancements that take place in industries and business spaces. There have already been lots of talk around the cannabis space, where people discuss the many stereotypes and the controversies related to the same. However, some brands and businesses decided to go above these negativities and come up with their unique products that could, in ways more than one, change the perspectives of people for the better. Stündenglass stands tall today as one such brand that has gone ahead in making people realize that with changing times of the world, and great innovations, things can be made more convenient and safer for people. Stündenglass, under the leadership of its head honcho Tracey Huston, have produced futuristic kinetic motion cannabis water pipe.

Tracey Huston has worked with the giant Apple with having 11 years of experience as an Apple Senior Technical Specialist, where Tracey was involved in solving various challenges concerning modern and digital. With having not much experience or background relating to reengineering the old pastime of smoking, Tracey still went ahead in developing Stündenglass, a unique device that could deliver vaporous and smooth draws with an hourglass flip. In fact, Stündenglass means ‘hourglass’ in German and the brand gives a very sturdy look with its hourglass shaped device.

For years, the hookah industry has attracted quite a lot of attention with various developers developing devices and has been enjoyed by people from different parts of the world as a relaxing and enjoyable social activity. Tracey Huston, with the aim to take this further in a far safer way, especially now when the world fights a pandemic, thought of initiating an innovative glass gravity hookah that can let people enjoy their draws and also make it safer for them without having them to share their mouthpiece with others.

Speaking on its design, Michael Trzecieski, Design Director Stündenglass, told that they took influences from the silhouette of the hourglass and its dependability, where they could combine a design style of traditional Middle Eastern hookah’s style and a contemporary design radiating elegance and innovation.

The design involves a pair of borosilicate glass globes that are screwed vertically into place onto a metal base that uses an aluminium hookah bowl kit or a glass bowl. Users need to fill one globe with water and then light up the main ingredient. Whether it is the design of the device, its technique of using or the incredible smoking experiences it gives, Stündenglass has risen to the top as a contactless gravity-powered device, delivering water-filled smoke.

Know about it more through Instagram @studenglass.

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