The new kid on the block who has taken the basketball arena by a storm is Ja’Monti Wright.

He has displayed his talent in the 2021 Louisville Invitational Tournament and won the best basketball players title.

There is no dearth of talent in the sports world as we have seen many who have enthralled all with their exceptional display on the field or court. There are some who have exceedingly excelled in their sports career and have reached the pinnacle of success at a very young age. One such player in our midst is the highly motivated and skilled basketball player named Ja’Monti Wright, who has gone from being an almost unknown name to a phenomenal player in 2021 by displaying his excellent playing skills in the Louisville Invitational Tournament.

Wright was always in awe of this sport as growing up in his hometown Louisville, Kentucky, he was well acquainted with the sport as his uncle and cousin were the local basketball stars which made him dwell deep into the sport. “my early days were spent observing the game and playing it out at my great grandfather’s backyard,” says Wright. Since his young days he was the tough guy at school getting involved in fights and defending his timid friends from getting bullied. Things started getting serious when his interest in the sport got deep and he began to think about taking up the sport as a career. He failed in his first attempt to get himself a place in the 6th grade basketball team as he was a bit over weight but that didn’t deter him from pursuing his passion and he kept chasing his dreams of getting himself a place in the team. His daily training regime did secure him a place in the 7th grade basketball season where he was named as the dog, due to his aggressive playing style on the basketball court. The highlight of the season was when he hit the winning basket and won all the applause from the audience. 

 “I moved to North Carolina in my 8th grade season to attend The Word of God Christian Academy, and later on got invited to visit the Montverde Academy in Montverde, Florida, and even join the academy, but had to drop the opportunity as my mom was against me going and living a campus life alone,  so I had to be back to Louisville, KY, where I joined my high school,” says Wright. Gradually he emerged as a top-class player having played a number of matches and scored impressive points in all.  

Today, he stands amongst those basketball players who have etched their name in history as one of the best. Stay tuned to know more about this fantastic player in coming times.

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